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New on Netflix

The idea of the app arises from a personal need to know all the new content that is added to Netflix. I also added the functionality to check the contents that are going to expire and the movies and series that will be released soon

The app is developed with Swift 5, SwiftUI and Combine.
I also developed the backend using Python and the Flask framework.

A feature I added in one of the latest versions is the in-app purchase to remove the advertising banners.

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City bikes app

Many cities in Spain have bicycle services and some of them have open data portals.
Taking advantage of these open data sets I was able to create applications that show in real time the status of the bike stations: available bikes, empty stations...

To make a more complete app I added the functionality of saving favorite stations and the possibility of showing the route to them.

The app is developed in Swift 5.


With Tripend what I wanted to build is an app that will show you at a glance, in which weeks it is cheaper to travel to a certain destination.

Especially for weekends, the app shows you with colors in a calendar the price differences between one week and another.

The app is developed in Swift 5 and I also built the backend using Nodejs.


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I am a developer of native iOS applications developed with Swift.
I'm looking forward to new projects that will help me challenge my professional life and allow me to continue learning.

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